Our New House
April 2005
Puyallup, Washington

We moved into our new home the first of April 2005.

We took the picture on the left before we even closed. Now you can see a fence on the right in the back.
As you enter the front door you come into the enteryway. The stairs going to the bedrooms on the second floor are on the left. On the right you enter the kitchen, dining room and the living room
Dinning room (left) is straight ahead of you as you enter the downstairs area.
Kitchen (
right) is left of the dining room.

Living room (
three pictures below) is on the right of the dinning room

Beyond the kitchen (center picture) is the back door. On the left is the bathroom (left picture) and right is the sliding door to the deck (right picture).
 Now let's go upstairs.
As we reach the second floor the master bedroom is straight ahead.
The teak queen bed (left) is the first thing you see. To the right of the door is the cabinet for the TV. To the left of the bed is our sitting room.  
The master bath is to the left of the entrance (right).
To the right after exiting the master bedroom, the hall (left) leads to the main bathroom (right) and the other two bedrooms (below).
Kristina's sanctuary!